GE Garages

I’ll put more verbiage here eventually, but GE brought a maker-oriented road show called GE Garages to Rice.  Since that’s so close to the house, I took the family down there on Sunday.  (As a side bonus: Bernie’s Burger Bus was there, and it was free!)

Bernie's Burger: the Substitute with truffle fries

Beatrix listening next to Makerbot Replicators

The Makerbot Replicators are 3D printers – they print 3D objects using melted plastic.  Extremely cool stuff.  The blue tape was there because the printers were outside, and it was a very, very windy day.

The outfit was Bea’s idea, since she knew we were going over to Rice.

Med center left, Burger Bus center, metal cutting right

Beatrix wanted to see me weld something, so the 2 of us went back on Monday.  That will be another post…