A collection of links from my various contacts and other things I find interesting.  Citation where remembered 😉

Google Latitude

Lawrence Marshall dealership closes (Hempstead TX)

Where Innovation Lives by @timoreilly

Selfish Adults ‘Damage Childhood’ via @MarkLittlewood via @timoreilly

Danger of being over- and under-qualified via @brooksbayne

AT&T cuts cable, cell data down (in Texas); I know my mom & wife had issues with their iPhones… w00t!

Mashup of Houston data via @marc1919

Info on RSS-Data via @davewiner (from 2003); relevant to open data(bases)?

No new deals via @reasonmag

TED-related links:

DBpedia vs Freebase (Tim Berners Lee was promoting the former) via @timoreilly; his presentation

Science data: Google vs Amazon (via @timoreilly again)

Knowledge is Power Program (college prep schools focused on underserved communities)


Recently, what little free time I have in the evenings has been going towards that great time suck, social networking sites of various flavors. I recently created accounts on Twitter, Pownce, and Facebook. Whee!

Now, I started following a few blogs of people I’ve run across. Even more of a time suck. But some good stuff, too. Like the worst feature of web2.0 apps and interoperability in web2.0 apps. Agreed. Maybe one day this will get fixed. Or some of the majors will get assimilated in to the Google or Yahoo hives.

debugging 5 biz myths about second life

woman thrown off plane for talking toddler

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