I’ve been doing this too long…

You know, I don’t feel like an old timer.  And I know people who have been doing this much longer than me.  But… dang…

I was looking at some other editors to use for development instead of Emacs.  (I’ve also toyed with the idea of going back to developing inside an IDE, like Eclipse.)  Scary thoughts just popped in my head.  I haven’t used an IDE regularly since 1995.  And as far as replacing Emacs, I’ve officially given up on that thought for good.  I’ve been using Emacs for 22 years now.  22!  Getting close to 1/4 century, man!  I should just tweak it more & be done with it.  (What’s making me realize how scary that is, one of my former coworkers was 2 or so when I started using Emacs…)

Ouch!  Pass me the ibuprofen & let me ice my wrists again…

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